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Non-Ferrous Sand Castings

Non-Ferrous Sand Castings & Plaques

Using our proprietary modified Hunter 10C molding machines, we provide superior, custom sand and pep set casting services that meet high industry standards and are ISO, IACS and SAE compliant. Our castings have industry leading surface finish and are abrasion and wear resistant, heat treated as required, and conductive. We only use 100% recycled non-ferrous metals such as brass, bronze, aluminum and zinc.

Serving a wide variety of industries from agricultural to architectural, infrastructure building and marine, we can produce up to 600,000 castings per week and can support all your production needs whether they are high or low volume or prototype. Our plaques and memorialization products offer superior finish and levels of ...

Non-Ferrous Centrifugal Castings

Unlike its more “customized” cousin, sand casting, centrifugal casting is a means of manufacturing tube-shaped components in standard sizes that can be machined quickly into further, more specialized applications.

The high-speed rotation centrifugal process we utilize at Riverside Brass enables a final product with a surface and inside diameter that are equally fine grained, and easily machined away by further work. Here are just a few of the features and potential applications for our ISO-certified centrifugal casting components:
  • Extremely high resistance to atmospheric corrosion
  • Wide variety of tolerance ranges and thicknesses
  • Highly applicable for sewer systems, piping, and ...

Engineering & Technical Support

From engineering to production, Riverside Brass & Aluminum Foundry provides high-quality mechanical and metallurgical engineering and technical support services. Along with our consulting, design assistance, and prototyping capabilities, we can fabricate a wide variety of products from impellers, electrical or plumbing components, pump housings and turbines.

Using only recycled materials to produce our castings, our top-quality, environmentally friendly engineering services meet with high industry standards and are ISO, IACS and SAE compliant. All our products undergo non-destructive analysis.  Additional quality assurance testing including finite element, strain, and stress testing is available. Contact us today ...

Tool Room

Our tool room is capable of producing patterns, trim dies and core boxes from a variety of materials, from pin on patterns in plastic or composites to fully CNC machined patterns. Our staffs extensive experience ranges from wood pattern making to the latest in CAD and CNC machining capability.

Since being founded in 1966, we have served a variety of industries from industrial to automotive and electrical. Please contact our company for more information about any of our advanced equipment features and capabilities, and also inquire about our custom machining opportunities and additional outsourced service options which include assembly, plating and heat treating.

Outsourced Services

From finishing to inspection and assembly, Riverside Brass & Aluminum Foundry Limited provides high-quality outsourced services. We offer a variety of finishing options from polishing, chrome plating, heat treating and powder coating. And, we have the capacity to offer clients light manual and product packaging assembly.

We also provide a series of product analyses which include fatigue, destructive/non-destructive, tensile and charpy testing. And, all of our outsourced services are ISO, IACS and SAE compliant. Please contact us today for more information about our selection of superior outsourced services.

Copper Alloys Cast
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Aluminum Alloy Cast

Zinc Casting

Zinc Alloy Cast

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